Concealment Pistol

The concealment pistol class is a flagship class for the LTC holder who carries a gun for personal protection.  Can you get to your gun when you need it and it may mean the difference between life and death? How many times have you drawn your handgun from concealment?  Have you done it while seated? Do you carry a reload on your person and if so, can you reload the gun from concealment? These questions will be answered because every training iteration is run from concealment.  You will find the limitations of your gear and how you carry it. This will be a crawl, walk, run and sprint kind of progression.  You will leave this class with a newfound confidence in your ability when carrying concealed.
The following will be covered:
Weapon Selection – pros/cons
Drawing from concealment – considerations & limitations
Efficiency of action
Body positioning
Concealment options – pros & cons.
What to bring :
Handgun, belt mounted holster, 3 magazines or speedloaders, belt worn magazine pouch, Eye and ear protection, 500 rounds of quality ammunition, water & snacks.
We recommend :
Cap or hat

Cost : $ 150