Fundamental Pistol


The fundamental pistol course is for those shooters that are unfamiliar with handling and utilizing a handgun for personal defense. It’s also for those who have been away from the trade for a period of time and need a refresher in the fundamentals. This course is tailored around each shooter. Why? Each shooter has a different ability and set of limitations.  It is my goal to help you overcome the things that are holding you back and make you a more competent and confident shooter.  This is primarily done by putting rounds downrange.  You will leave class with a new outlook on the use of the handgun. Your ability to manipulate your gun safely and effectively will improve vastly.
The following will be covered:
Weapon Selection (pros & cons of different platforms)
Load-unload sequence/ reloads
Draw stroke
Sight alignment/Sight picture (AIMING !!!)
Trigger control
Ammo selection
Shot placement and why

Weapons maintenance & care

What to bring :
Handgun, belt mounted holster, 3 magazines or speedloaders, belt worn magazine pouch, Eye and ear protection, 500 rounds of quality ammunition, water & snacks.
We recommend :
Cap or hat

Cost : $ 150