“In high risk environments, lives are not saved by doctors and nurses. Lives are saved by the person who provides early and effective first aid.”

  • Tactical Lifesaver


The primary goal of the Civilian Casualty Care/Tactical Lifesaver course is to improve the survivability of accidental and non- accidental life-threatening injuries encountered by operators or civilians in the field. This course is not designed to turn people into medics, but rather teach the time-critical skills that may permit survival long enough for victims to obtain definitive medical care. This course takes a very hands on approach with practical/skills exercises, and it emphasizes the proper mind set. We will teach proper equipment selection and how to improvise should the need arise. Civilian Casualty Care/Tactical Lifesaver is for anyone wishing to have the skills necessary to save themselves, loved ones, or their fellow man, should they suffer a serious injury. You simply CANNOT afford not to take this class!


Instructional life saving techniques covered:
  • Care under fire
  • Tactical field care
  • Casualty Evacuation
  • Evaluating a casualty
  • Managing an airway
  • Basic life support techniques
  • Advanced life support techniques
  • Treating penetrating chest trauma
  • Controlling massive hemorrhage
  • Tourniquets and other tools
  • Shock assessment and management
  • Movement of causality using common and improvised methods
  • Realistic scenario-based training
Each student/participant will receive a complete IFAK kit including :
  • Pouch (UMK -Uniformed Medical Kit or Molle pouch)
  • Trauma Shears
  •  SOF® Tactical Tourniquet-W
  • 4 inch Olaes® Bandage
  • Roll gauze bandage
  • Occlusive Dressing (Vaseline gauze 4×4)
  • Pair Exam Gloves

**Additional kits available for vehicles, homes, businesses etc.

Required Equipment:

Required Equipment: Expendable clothing (there is a possibility that it may be permanently damaged). Elbow and knee pads are optional, but highly recommended. Also recommended, if available, is any tactical gear/duty equipment used by your organization. All other training equipment will be provided for the course.


Cost : $100 Course ONLY
($175.00 w/ Trauma Kit*)