Vehicle Defense

Vehicle Defense- 8 Hours
Gunfighter Training GroupGunfighter Training GroupGunfighter Training Group

This course was developed for both civilians and law enforcement who want to learn how to survive high risk/deadly force encounters that develop in and around their vehicle. Technical and tactical skills will be taught for a one person response to an armed encounter. The class will also address the following:

  • Safety
  • Equipment Selection
  • Discrimination
  • The use of cover
  • Live fire training scenarios
  • Legal Considerations
  • Link up procedures with Police, Fire, EMS, etc.
  • Tactical Lifesaving procedures

It is highly recommended that students who wish to attend this course have previously attended a basic pistol class, a tactical pistol class, or be proficient with the use and manipulation of a handgun

What to bring :

Handgun, concealed carry or belt mounted duty holster, 3 magazines, Eye and ear protection, water, snacks, inclement weather gear, expendable clothing (there is a possibility that it may be permanently damaged during medical scenarios), and 300 rounds of quality ammunition.

Cost : $175